Projects and Clients

2002 Comparative analysis of transit costs to other transportation W. David Eberle Consulting, Inc.(Valley Regional Transit)  
2002 Preparation of grant requests City of Caldwell  
2002 Training and handbook for Planning and Zoning Commissioners City of Caldwell  
2002 Technical assistance for design charrette University of Idaho  
2003 Sign Code revisions Garden City  
2003-04 Comprehensive plan amendment City of Caldwell  
2003-04 Caldwell Downtown Revitalization Plan McKibben + Cooper (City of Caldwell)  
2003-05 Unified Development Code City of Meridian  
2004 Analysis of property values for potential

re-development area

W. David Eberle Consulting, Inc.(Mountain Home Redevelopment Agency)  
2004 Assessment of transit planning function Valley Ride Regional Transit Agency  
2004 Historic District design guidelines McKibben+Cooper ( Boise City)  
2004-05 Impact fee program update City of Mountain Home  
2004-05 Community survey City of Mountain Home  
2004-05 Downtown economic redevelopment project Leland Consulting (City of Middleton)  
2004-05 Downtown zoning and design standards City of Caldwell  
2004-06 Comprehensive Plan update City of Mountain Home  
2005 Comprehensive Plan amendments City of Caldwell  
2005 Functional classification study The Transpo Group (Ada County Highway District)  
2005 Temporary planning staff services City of Sun Valley  
2005-06 Temporary planning staff services Garden City  
2005-06 Comprehensive Plan Garden City  
2005-06 Historic District ordinance amendments and application process changes City of Caldwell  
2006 – present Coordinator The Urban Land Institute (ULI) Idaho District Council  
2006 Unified Development Code Sun Valley  
2006 Temporary planning staff support services, training and code amendments Mountain Home  
2006 Impact fee update BBC Research & Consulting

(City of Nampa)

2006 Downtown Marketing Plan City of Caldwell
2006-07 Ten Mile Specific Area Plan HDR (City of Meridian)
2006-07 Strategic Plan Galena Consulting (Boise City)
2006-08 Unified Development Code Garden City
2007 Strategic Plan Garden City
2007 30th Street Specific Area Plan HDR (Boise City)
2007 Research and analysis for improvement strategies for code enforcement Galena Consulting (Boise City)
2007 Wildland Fire Code Provisions City of Sun Valley
2007 to 2010 Comprehensive Plan and development code update Clarion Associates (Boise City)
2007-08 Rural Idaho Growth Management Grant Sage Resources (Washington and Canyon County rural cities)
2008 Visioning and recommendations for historic train depot Galena Consulting (Boise City)
2008 Community Survey City of Mountain Home
2008 Comprehensive Plan analysis for proposed Warm Springs Resort City of Ketchum
2008 Historic District zoning and design guidelines update City of Nampa
2008 Strategic Planning for Multi-modal center Valley Ride Regional Transit Agency
2008 Planning 101 training for employees Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
2008 Sustainable landscape ordinance Sun Valley Water District
2009 Kick-off Comprehensive Planning Community Meeting Owyhee County
2009 Zoning Code Changes to the Nampa Downtown District City of Nampa
2010 Planning 101 Training for local officials State of Idaho DEQ
2011 Safe Routes to Schools analysis Idaho Smart Growth
2012 Area of City Impact Guidebook and Training Module Idaho Smart Growth
2012-13 Strategic Plan City of Twin Falls
2013 Eligibility report and Urban Renewal Plan Area 3-4 City of Jerome Urban Renewal Agency
2013 Eligibility report and Urban Renewal Plan City of Hailey Urban Renewal Agency
2014 Project Site Feasibility Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency
2014 Budget Analysis City of Jerome
2104 Eagle Ridge Eligibility Report and Economic Feasibility Analysis City of Idaho Falls Re-development Agency
2015 Strategic Plan City of Jerome
2015-current On-call planning services City of Jerome
2015-current Comprehensive Update of the Zoning Code City of Idaho Falls



2015 Arts and Cultural Master Plan City of Boise
2015-16 Ten Mile Interchange Urban renewal District City of Meridian
2015-16 Westside Master Plan Update McKibben + Cooper (City of Boise)
2015-16 Strategic Plan as part of the Comprehensive Plan Clarion Associates (Ada County)
2015-16 Idaho Plan4Health Coalition American Planning Association
2016 Interim Executive Director Twin Falls Urban Renewal Agency
2016 Economic Feasibility Analysis Driggs Urban Renewal Agency
2016 Eligibility Report Crossroads Point 2 Jerome County Urban Renewal Agency
2016 Feasibility Study of the Craft Beverage Industry Garden City Urban Renewal Agency
2016 Research and Revision to the Parking Code City of Ketchum
2016 Canyon Springs Community Involvement Facilitation City of Twin Falls
2017 On-call planning services City of Garden City
2017 Eligibility Report for 41st Street Garden City Urban Renewal Agency
2017-Current Eligibility report and Economic Feasibility Report for Jackson Hole Junction Idaho Falls Re-development Agency
Current Update to the Strategic Plan City of Twin Falls
Current Downtown Urban Re-vitalization Project City of Jerome

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